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Welcome to Kenton Image Design Copy Restoration


Here at Kenton Image Design I can not only copy your old photos including negatives and transparencies but can also enhance, repair and even colourize them.

Simply send your image(s) by registered post, courier or drop them off in person at my studio. If your images are in digital format you can upload them from this website.

You have 3 options – copy only: copy and enhance: copy, enhance and have printed to size and presentation of your choice: All options will include a JPEG digital file as high as quality as possible.


To order your copy and restoration please select your options in the form below the pricing section and I will be in touch about your order. The form will give you a handy pricing estimate for your order.


Post and Packing £10
Collect in person (by appointment) £0

All prices include VAT.

I will send you an invoice once the order is finalised. I require a 50% deposit once you’ve accepted your quote and the balance is due once the montage is complete.

Please allow 5 to 10 working days for your order to be completed.


COPY ONLY – 1-2 images £15 each, 3-4 images £12 each, 5+ images £10 each


Basic Retouch (spots, dust, creases, colour correction etc…) – 1-2 images £20 each, 3-4 images £15 each, 5+ images £12 each

Colourize (black and white/sepia images turned to colour) – 1-2 images £50 each, 3-4 images £45 each, 5+ images £40 each.

Prints – (all dimensions refer to the longest side of the image. For example a 20 inch image can be 20×20 inches, 20×16 inches, 20×10 inches)

Desk prints
6 inch – £2.50
8 inch – £5
10 inch – £7.50

Wall Prints
16 inch – £15
20 inch – £20
24 inch – £25

Luxury Wall Decor
20 inch Canvas Wrap – £250, Ice Bloc – £325
30 inch Canvas Wrap – £300, Ice Bloc – £450
40 inch Canvas Wrap – £450, Ice Bloc – £650

Ice Bloc – A stunning contemporary acrylic panel. The look is created with an image bonded directly behind acrylic and an aluminium support frame which acts as a means to sit the product on the wall.

Canvas Wrap – Printing onto a poly cotton material softens the image whilst bringing it life. Laquered canvasses are stretched by hand over a solid wood frame with board to prevent the canvas deforming.


Can you explain the pricing ?

Yes of course, there are 3 costs to add together – To Copy, Retouch and Colourise, Finish and Post and Packaging. So for example if you have 10 images you wish to have as a 30 inch standard print the cost would be as follows – Scan, Retouch and Design 10 images = £75, 30 inch standard print @ £50, Post and Packaging @ £10. Grand Total = £135.

I will of course give you a full quote if you complete the form or call us on 0118 966 767

2. How do I get my images to you ?

I strongly recommend you use recorded delivery or a courier. If you prefer to bring them to me in person that’s fine (appointment only).

3. Do you offer framing ?

Sorry, no. If you purchase the Standard print then a frame will eventually be required and I can recommend some very good bespoke framers. If you purchase a Canvas Wrap or Ice Bloc then no frame is required, they are ready for hanging.

4. How long does the whole process take ?

Once I receive your images your, please allow 5 to 10 working days for your order to be completed.

5. Will I have digital copies of my images ?

Yes, the price includes all of your individual images in high res JPEG format.

6. What are your payment terms ?

Once you’ve accepted your quote I require a deposit of at least 50%. The balance will be due once I inform you that your montage is complete. We will send you those a payment invoice when you accept the quote. For all orders over £250 I offer interest free credit over 6 months.